Monday, May 2, 2022

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First Sips - Sapphic Sampler
It's been quiet for me, so I hadn't wanted to bother you all with boring non-updates. I'm back to give you a FREE sampler. 10 Sapphic authors have come together and given samples of their books in this free book so that you might find someone you like. More info below.

Camp NaNo didn't go as I hoped. I PLANNED on a new project, but life didn't agree, so instead, I worked on my psychological thriller - "RoE".  I worked each day until the last week of the month, so it was pretty productive. 

If anyone is interested in Beta Reading RoE - feel free to get in touch. I'm looking for those who will provide information about how the story is (or isn't) working for them, what you like/don't, and so on. Word only (no google docs or other online apps).  There's no official blurb yet - but here's a little about it: 

Jasmine and Kaitlyn, best friends since birth, go on a Route 66 road trip to escape Kait's abusive husband and evil follows. TW include: talks of suicide/abuse, graphic violence, drugging of dogs (they're fine), destruction of books (not fine).  

Current things I'm working on:

1 - Continuing my re-writes of RoE, my Sapphic psychological thriller. Nearly finished the 2nd re-write when I started on the 3rd. Coming together (I think).

What's upcoming?  

- Started a series of short sexy stories for Kindle Vella based around Kenzie's studio.  Only have the concept and the start of the first one, so may not get back to this one for a while, but it's on the agenda. (Do you read Vella stories? - let me know here.)


If you read any of my books, I would be grateful for some reviews as they have stalled out a bit for me. Reviews are everything for an author, even if it's simply a star rating. 

If you read AND review Natural Exposure, send me a link to your review (Goodreads and/or Amazon preferred) and I'll send you a copy of Negative Exposure FREE as a thank you!
First Sips
Lesbian fiction fans rejoice!

First Sips is a new anthology of lesbian fiction that promises to get your heart racing. With extracts from novels by established authors as well as exciting new voices, this collection has something for everyone.

Curl up with a good book and lose yourself in another world where love knows no bounds. Whether you’re looking for romance, adventure or mystery, First Sips has it all.
With samples provided by: Lucy Bexley | Koriana Brackson | Elizabeth James | Skye Kilaen | Nina Maderson | Edie Marr | Jamey Moody | Niamh Murphy | Riley Rose | Dierdre Winter
Reading - 
  • Aces Wild by Amanda DeWitt
  • These Deadly Games by Diana Urban
Recently completed -
  •  One Impossible Labyrinth by Matthew Reilly
  •  A Catalogue of Catastrophe by Jodi Taylor
Watching - 
  • Masked Singer
Playing -
  • Diablo 3 (with Hubby)
  • Hearthstone
If you'd like to review my books (on Amazon and/or Goodreads, along with any other retailer or book site) then please contact me at with the subject title "Review" for a free copy of my first book, Natural Exposure.

Please give a little detail in the body of the email (no emails with review in the title and nothing else - that's not really the type of interaction I like) such as what format (mobi / epub / ect) you'd like and when you'd hope to read it by.

If you'd like to chat about books, games, or anything else, feel free to message me. I enjoy meaningful interactions with my readers!
My books are now sold at most major retailers!

Natural Exposure 
A Discovery of BDSM 

Negative Exposure
An Exploration of BDSM
Elemental Exposure
First Sips
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A Discovery of BDSM by Koriana Brackson
An Exploration of BDSM by Koriana Brackson
A Double Dose of BDSM by Koriana Brackson
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